Dragon Ball Super Scandalous scan-lations and being super ballsy at LAGC

Our thoughts of the manga and My thoughts from the day 

  • Saturday 1st July  – Holloway

In the lead up to our second LAGC (London Anime and Gaming Convention – http://summer.londonanimecon.com/ ) and our first panel talk ever, we speed read “Dragon ball Super” The Battle of Gods Arc (chapter 1-4); Our intention was to generate a healthy and important discussion among our plethora of fans, about one of the most popular manga/anime series of all time; To evaluate the art-form while reflecting on ourselves and what it means in our everyday lives at the same time….

So, Dragon Ball Super is a direct sequel of the Dragon Ball manga, written by Toyotaro while being overseen by the OG Akira Toriyama. The Dragon Ball series is so accessible, and it seemed a safe bet when faced with a crowd of rowdy cos-play teens. Plus, given that it has just been translated into English by Viz Media in May 2017, it seemed like a great choice for our panel discussion given the recent updates on those teen’s social media feeds.

The plot of the first volume is not easy to summarize but revolves around our Sayain team fighting an epic tournament against the strongest team from the Earth of another dimension, all orchestrated by The God of Destruction, Beerus, who is essentially traveling from planet to planet in search of food and entertainment, in rivalry against his fat brother, to win possession of each others universe destruction domain and some massive Dragon Balls….


What we liked

It’s a great read. It is reminiscent of the old school Dragon Ball series, with adorable characters, side jokes and (if you’re reading the right version *ahem the scanlation* )there’s innuendo, dirty-old-men-side jokes and swearing in all the right places. I loved it and reading was a pleasure.


Oh and it totally allowed us to play “Smash or Pass” with some hyper-masculine hunks* – I cringed throughout but it’s surprised me how many people could relate. I urge you all to over come the cringe and think about it…Turns out I never actually out-grew my feelings for Gohan, they were just buried under pseudo-adulthood and years of distraction from human men.

  • *We would have played with the women too (Dragon Ball is NOT short of impressive, attractive cartoon women) but the porn fan-art is rampant and all-consuming – Getting images off the internet was surprisingly/unsurprisingly difficult.


What we disliked

I guess its just a bit…flat. As a side bar story, it draws on all the same story arcs and there is nothing original about the characters, as far as we could see in the first volume. I mean, I love it, but it’s nothing new or deep. Do I want that from Dragon ball? No. So I’ll shut up.



This post is LATE – We have done a recording and a whole other book reviewing in this time (A Silient voice by -) Except that has been lost into the deep darkness of podcast sacrafices – It happens to us all. While we hope and pray to restore it, We’re set for our next talk to be at the end of this month for the ALCON festival in Leicester – http://www.alcon.org.uk/!

Don’t forget to follow us on twitter and Youtube too, where we’ll posting our thoughts and faces- https://twitter.com/themangaforum.

As always, We look forward to hearing what you think so comment below!

Lara and Lexa



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